I'm not one of those, who can easily hide
Anonymous asked 17 minutes ago
i have a question. So i think i like this guy. we snapchat, and we talk sometimes. but sometimes he just doesn't answer and i really want him to answer so i can get to know him better, but i don't know what to do. should i tell him that i like him or should i keep my mouth shut?

talk to him. take a sexy photo and tell him ^^

sexymama97 asked 18 minutes ago
i lovee you! :( <3


Anonymous asked 21 minutes ago
o que acha de mulheres virgens? tenho 20 anos e ainda sou. nunca surgiu a oportunidade de perder

não se preocupe. não tem problema nenhum. vai surgir alguém na sua vida ;) e vc irá perder quando tiver preparada

unwrittenfeeling asked 28 minutes ago
Amo seu tumblr !! Mt perfeito ! Parabens <3

obrigado querida <3

Anonymous asked 28 minutes ago
To the girl who is afraid that her vagina will stretch from having too much sex, it's a myth. The vagina is like an elastic and will always go back to its original size.

perfect ;) thanks

Anonymous asked 29 minutes ago
Any advice on how to give a killer blowjob or have amazing sex? My boyfriend and I have kinda lost our spark and I don't know what to do.. Great blog btw!

Often you may find yourself making your way straight to your man’s crotch from simply kissing him. This is all fine and good. But men actually enjoy foreplay too! This is an blow job tip that many don’t realise. While men love quickies, foreplay makes their orgasms feel a lot stronger and more enjoyable than just 30 seconds in your mouth. 

So instead of just ripping his pants off and taking him straight into your mouth, start off slower. Try lowering your hand to his crotch, outside of his trousers and gently massage him through his trousers. When you get his trousers off, stimulate around his legs and groin area before you finally take him into your mouth. This bj tip where you build up to oral sex will literally have him begging you to speed up…perfect for building anticipation!

cheekymonkies asked 29 minutes ago
I love your blog 😍🔥🔥

thanks cute girl

Anonymous asked 30 minutes ago
wanna lose my virginity but can't take the birth control pill and too scared to get pregnant by only having him use a condom , dont really know if this has an answer but what should i do

yes use a condom. if you are really ready to lose her virginity

Anonymous asked 32 minutes ago
I'm having a shit day

can I help u ?